Session Times


The OceanClinics run almost every Saturday over Summer at one of 3 timeslots depending on your level, which you will need to self-assess prior to booking.


7.10am :    Advanced - faster than 1min45 per 100m for a set of 15x100 (20sec rest)

8.20am :    Intermediate - faster than 2min15 per 100m for a set of 10x100 (20sec rest)

9.30am :    Beginner - either 100m only group, or 300m


Note -  please see the complete descriptions for self assessment on www.oceanclinics.co.nz



Clinic Dates


Every Saturday starting in mid October and running through to early April with a few weekends off for the christmas period. See the www.oceanclinics.co.nz for correct date info



Levels & Approximate Content


a) Advanced (7.10am)

    - Faster than 1min 45 for 10x100m with R20

    Hard and/or long structured training workouts

    2000-3000m   (60-65min)


b) Intermediate (8.20am)

    - Faster than 2.30 per 100m & 600m non-stop

    Varied workouts coached for Tech & Fitness

    1200-2200m     (55-60min)


c) Beginner (9.30am)

    - At least 100m non-stop Freestyle

    Confidence and skill based teaching sessions

    600-1200m      (45-50min)



For more and complete info on the OceanClinics, please visit www.oceanclinics.co.nz