Step It Up

This is our ADVANCED Beginners Program...


-    Up to 100m non stop freestyle but no further

-    If your form breaks down quickly after this 

-    If you still havent fully mastered breathing

-    Still need work on your body position

-    Mainly a freestyle program

Time & Start Dates 

- Time :       6.00 to 6.50am

- Days :      Thursday mornings

- Dates       8-week Blocks (email for next intake)

- Pool :        Small 15m pool at Tepid Baths

Program Content


The program is focussed on fundamentals that allow you to relax in the water environment...
a)   Most sessions start with Kicking and Kick based side position drill

b)   Sculling is introduced

c)   Interval training is introduced in small amounts

d)   Correct pushoffs, learning to roll, and DPS Swimming



Limited Space

Each block contains approximately only 5-6 swimmers which means you have excellent exposure to the coach. Please book and pay early to secure your slot



Booking & Entering


To enter, all you need to do is first email us to check we have space then deposit your block fee of $119 into the account you'll find on our Contact/Bookings page. Then you're all set !