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Beginners / Advanced Beginners

We use 2-3 lanes...

1 lane for Beginners and

1-2 lanes for Advanced Beginners

Beginners - "Starting Line"

-    If you cannot swim 25m without stopping

-    If you can force 50m but are not relaxed

-    If you do not feel comfortable in the water

-    If you cannot breathe easily when swimming

-    if you cannot float in any position with ease

Advanced Beginners - "Step It Up"

-    Up to 100m non-stop freestyle but no further

-    If your form breaks down quickly after this 

-    If you still haven't fully mastered breathing

-    Still need work on your body position

Time & Dates 

- Time :       6.00 to 6.50am

- Days :      Tuesdays & Thursdays

- Dates       8-week Planning Blocks

- Pool :        Small 15m pool at Tepid Baths

- Temp :      Pool is 31 degrees

Program Content


The program is focussed on fundamentals that allow you to relax in water...
a)   Learning to Balance (float) on both your front, back, and also Sides

b)   Learning to Exhale fully, then Inhale without urgency

c)   Correct kicking technique while building leg strength

d)   Long, relaxed, efficient stroking movements

e)   Adding Intervals for repetition of skills

f)    Adding others strokes eventually

Booking & Entering


To enter, all you need to do is both email us to check we have space and then also deposit your Block Fee into the account you'll find on our Contact/Bookings page. Then you're all set !

Block of 8 Weeks (consecutive)...

- 1x session per week (over the 8 weeks) :    $120

- 2x sessions per week (over  8 weeks) :       $200

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