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Private Swim Tuition

Dramatically improve your swim technique with Individual Lessons...

  • Learn To Swim for Adults

  • Technique Refinement

  • Swim Video Analysis

  • Program Wriitng

  • 1-2 Swimmers Max

  • All Levels from Learner to Elite

Over the past 25 years we have seen more than 5500 different swimmers go through private lessons with us for many varied reasons...


  • Adults Learning To Swim - eliminate the fear of water

  • Parents wanting to be able to assist their children in situations of danger

  • Triathletes wanting to shave precious minutes off their swim leg

  • Open-water swimmers wanting to overcome fear, improve efficiency/speed

  • New Police recruits needing to pass a Physical Test

  • Flight attendants needing to pass their Swim Test


Whatever your motivation, we have the skills, empathy, and people to help you achieve your goals.

Developed over that past 2 decades, we offer a fully structured one-on-one lesson system that starts by screening you correctly to ensure we then work through the right set of skills needed for you to improve.


Depending on your level, we normally start with a Stroke Analysis to ID any faults and fundamentals that need correction, plus provide a clear understanding of what good technique looks and feels like, with technical instruction to help bridge that gap. Also as it becomes relevant, a list of sets, sessions &/or a program for you to practise. Video feedback is used frequently

Session Length::



Mon to Fri

Recommendation - a Block of 5

We recommend starting with a minimum of a block of 5 sessions to help you achieve the best outcome.


The first session normally doubles as an assessment - we need to uncover with clarity where your physiological starting point is and what aptitude for learning you possess. Even though this session is not normally specifically corrective, 90% of swimmers will manage to make immediately changes due to the improved understanding that follows.


In this first session, we perform multiple test to undercover what fundamentals you possess...

a) Flexibility - shoulders & ankles

b) Kicking - a kick test

c) Breathing - 3 breathing tests


After this, a more formal stroke analysis is conducted with 2-3 video angles captured to create a visual baseline from where we then start to overlay a powerfully simple understanding of what correct technique is.


The 2nd & 3rd sessions normally contain drills &/or corrective sets that will assist you in adjusting your technique but more importantly maintain it so you can build a better habit. As better technique is practised, we also learn which sets will best allow you to keep that intact while fitness is added.


By the 4th & 5th sessions most drills have usually been covered including an array of different sets and probably even combined into multiple sessions. In this situation, these sessions may then start to form the basis for a program (level dependant and if the swimmer requires this).


Note on Session Frequency - for learners, the sessions will normally be much closer together and for more advanced swimmer more spaced out - the better you become, then a little more time between sessions may assist in improvement. Eg, a beginner may choose to do an intensive 2 week period of 10 sessions, whereas an advanced swimmer might space 5 sessions with 1,2,3 & 4 weeks between each. Everyone is different but together we quickly discover what is required for you.


Note On Video – for everyone except for beginners, on session #1 you will be emailed a link to download any video footage from that session along with a comparison video that has no obvious faults. By taking a copy of these videos and watching the changes over time you should find this evolution very satisfying.

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