Our programs below include a range of coaching options at the Tepid Baths.

Squad Timetable PNG.PNG

Fitness Squads

These 8x weekly squad sessions below focus primarily on building and maintaining fitness. Many of our swimmers are training for a Triathlon or Open Water Swim. Others simply want the motivation of a structured squad setting with other likeminded swimmers. Email us now for a trial or to check on aailability

Fitness Squads :     M/W/F        5.40am, 12.30pm, 6.00pm

Women-only :          Tu/Th         7.00am

Learn To Swim :       Tu/Th         6.00am

Private Lessons :     Mon-Fri     booked to suit

MWF     5.40 to 7.10am   (5 lanes)

MWF    12.30 to 1.30pm  (3 lanes)

MW       6.00 to 7.00pm   (4 lanes)


Womens Tech Squads

Girls like to stick together and that's why we offer two weekly women-only squad sessions at the Tepid Baths. These are slightly more technical than our Fitness Squads and distances vary from 1800m to 3000m over the 5 lanes in the 25m Pool

TUES     7.00 to 8.00am   (5 lanes)

THUR    7.00 to 8.00am    (5 lanes)


Beginners / ADV-Beg

These group lessons are designed for you - our main focus is teaching correct body position, easy breathing all supported by an effective kick leading to relaxation in the water.  Class sizes are small and the initial goal of the group is 30m non stop easy freestyle. Medium term goal is building to non stop 300m

TUES     6.00 to 6.50am   (15m Pool)

THUR    6.00 to 6.50am   (15m Pool)

- Cant float on your Front or Back?    

- Find yourself gasping for air in the pool?  

- Cant swim one length of your local pool? 

- Can swim 50m comfortably but lack stamina

- Does your form break down over 100m?


Booked When the Time Suits



Booked in to suit your schedule, this is the perfect way of learning only and exactly what you need in a relaxed environment away from crowds. With video feedback and program writing built in if and when required, these feedback heavy and structured sessions are designed to bring out the best in you.


Benefits of Individual Tuition

a)   A less stressful way of learning to swim

b)   Bookings are very flexible (Mon to Fri)
c)   Skills are more individually targetted
d)   Learning progressions are generally faster

e)   Video feedback is more objective communication

f)    Program writing is included when appropriate

Private Lessons