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Squad Times

3x Mornings :      MWF 5.40-7.10am

3x Lunchtimes :   MWF 12.30-1.30pm

2x Nights :           MW 6.00-7.00pm

Entry Process & Fees

Entry into squads excludes pool entry so entering squad is a two-part process...

1)  Swim Squad Membership - Prices Here

     Paid by direct debit direct to us
     - 1, 3, 6 & 12 month options available


2)  Pool Membership

     Paid at reception direct to the pool
     - Casual Swim :             $9.00

     - 10 Concession :          $81

     -  Swim Membership :   $16 per week (direct debit)
     -  Full Facility :               $23 per week (direct debit)

     -  Corporate Member:   click here for a letter to access discounted Corporate rates



Minimum Levels Required

- Morning Pace :     < 1.50min /100m
- Lunch Pace :        < 2.00min /100m
- Night Pace :         < 2.0
0min /100m



Gear Required

Here is a list of gear you may be expected to have in order to get the best from your swim program, most of which you can buy at the pool either from reception or from your coach...

a)  Swim Cap :   we provide your swim cap FREE
b)  Goggles :      whatever fits best is perfect for you (we have 5 kinds available - from the coach)
c)  Paddles :       helps provide feedback on correct flow/pressure on your hands when reach/catching/pulling
d)  Pullbuoy :      assists buoyancy thereby eliminating drag, &/or isolates the pull (try not to rely on it :)
e)  Flippers :       when swimming it can help in providing flow feedback and also help kick & drills

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